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Let's invite people to share the chemical free life!


let's make your chemical free creations pretty!

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Green Can Be Glam. Chemical Free Can Be Couture.

By embracing natural, superior solutions, you are kicking chemicals to the curb ... and creating a little art for your home. (I love that my products are pretty, that I can leave them out on a counter, instead of hiding them in a cupboard.)

I created personalized labels for my bottles and jars, and I thought you might like to use them, too! Enjoy!

Need Containers For Your Chemical Free Home Creations?

Here are a few of my favorites ...


Glass Assorted Size Jars

Set of 4
Perfect for Bath Soak

Melissa CFH 4 glass jar products-01.jpg

Crystal Cut 4 Oz. Jars

Set of 6
Perfect for Gifts

Melissa CFH 4 glass jar products-02.jpg

Glass Soap Dispensers

Set of 2
Perfect for Cleanser

Melissa CFH 4 glass jar products-03.jpg

Glass 6 Oz. Jars

Set of 12
Perfect for Lotions

Melissa CFH 4 glass jar products-04.jpg

Glass 2 Oz. Jars

Set of 24
Perfect for Baby Food


Sweet Team Business Tools

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The Golden Rule

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37 minutes

The Care Call Call

23 minutes

Detailing your action plan

27 minutes

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