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Are you ready … REALLY ready … for the big time?

Is the CEO role calling?

Can you … finally … see that there is so much more for you?

I knew it! I knew the answers were a big, resounding YES. And that’s why I created UPGRADE.

UPGRADE propels you to the next level. As the Members Only Club for the Sweet Team, we share strategies and successes, and break out of crippling paradigms. While absolutely free of charge, membership does require a six month commitment. This commitment includes upgrading your social media presence and orchestration of events; upgrading your physical presence (how you carry yourself, how you speak, how you interact with others); upgrading your disciplined use of time; and upgrading your CEO skills. (No one is born knowing how to read a Balance Sheet and Income Statement, or conceptualize a Creative Brief! These fundamentals are LEARNED. And UPGRADE is where you can learn them.)

I will respond to your UPGRADE application in one week or less. I can hardly wait to see how far you go!