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pure male cologne

Melissa’s Favorite Bottle

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This frosted rectangular bottle with faux leather screw-on cap is from Best Bottles. (
This is a wholesale site that has a $50 minimum purchase (not including shipping).

This bottle can be purchased as one single (as long as your total shopping cart is $50 or more); 12 bottles; 144 bottles; or 162 bottles. The product name is GBElg100mlFrstBlkLthr

We are not supplying you with the link because we have found that, unlike Amazon, you get “stuck” on this product, with no way to return to the overall site, or to make your purchase. So, without further ado, here is the website:

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Essential Parfumerie

Melissa's Favorite Bottles


The moment you finish blending your first Essential Parfume, you will understand why they deserve to be in beautiful bottles, with equally beautiful labels. I've included my favorites here, and ladies, they all use the same size label so your blending table stays organized!

Purchase Sheets of Bottle Labels

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30 ML

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30 ML

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30 ML

Parfume Bottles Amazon for Web-04.jpg

120 ML

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120 ML


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50 ML

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30 ML

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10 ML

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30 ML


Clear Cold Pressed Vanilla


Clear vanilla is also called vanillin. Vanillin was first isolated in 1858 by Nicolas-Theodore Gobley, who evaporated a vanilla extract to dryness, and recrystallized the resulting solids from hot water. Today, pure vanillin is created by cold pressing vanilla beans, and adding alcohol and water. 

As with most flavors in the food and personal care industries, many synthetic versions of vanillin have been created and are commonly used. But rest assured, that is not what I am recommending!

And I love supporting incredible people and incredible companies! Global Goods – the source of my clear vanilla – establishes micro businesses around the world that transform communities, families, and futures.



Any vodka 80 proof or greater will work admirably in your blends.

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