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I used to think I was born into the wrong story.

Then I realized  I could write the story. I could choose the details. I could choose the characters. So I wrote a fairy tale. And today I live in the story I imagined. (And you can, too.)

I remember waiting in line with my mother at the Salvation Army each week to get powdered milk, bread, and cheese. I watched my grandparents draw well water out at the farm, put it in old Hylex jugs and drive it into town, because we didn't have indoor plumbing. To say I came from humble beginnings is an understatement!

I tell you this because it's proof that our circumstances do not control our destiny. Our CHOICES control our destiny. (Suffice it to say, I'm not drinking water from a Hylex jug today!)

I'll never forget the conversation that started my journey in Young Living. I tentatively asked, "Is there any way to make $500 per month?" My "big" goal ... I wanted to be able to go grocery shopping without being stressed about my checking account balance. Things sure have changed!

I became so committed to the benefits of essential oils that I wrote the Chemical-Free Home Series, and founded Savvy Minerals, a company dedicated to toxin-free makeup. (Young Living acquired Savvy Minerals in 2016.)

Then something really interesting happened (as if my life wasn't already interesting enough!). As I toured the country, demonstrating the makeup to women, a collective conversation emerged. An important conversation. Women wanted to talk about reclaiming their lives. They wanted to tap into a reserve of confidence. They wanted to feel empowered and unstoppable. They wanted to talk about everything BEFORE makeup!

My book Before Beauty invites you into this conversation, and walks you through transforming your self-image (which is the holy grail of everything else!).

It is the privilege of my life to see women rewriting their story, reasserting their worth, reclaiming their crown. Even if we've never met, I want you to know I am cheering you on. You can rewrite your story ... any way you want. You deserve a fairy tale life, my friend. Now go out and get it!

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Ms. Poepping lives in the countryside of Minnesota with her husband and their three beautiful children. Ms. Poepping is the founder of The Sweet Team, and a Royal Crown Diamond in Young Living; a best-selling author; educator; coach; and founder of Savvy Minerals, a toxin-free makeup company. acquired by Young Living in 2016.

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