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Host Your Events At Headquarters

do you put off hosting events because your house is not “event-ready”?

are you reluctant to host events in a community center because it’s just not the right setting for your vision?

or do you throw up your hands each month and say, “I’m just not a hostess…I have no idea what to do” … so you do nothing

Well, Sweet Team…I have a solution. You may now apply to host your events at Sweet Team Headquarters in Spring Hill MN. Take a moment and imagine how this will change your approach to events. No more stress. Only the excitement of connection, conversation, and changing lives. Now imagine your business flourishing. It’s all possible. And so easy.

Let’s talk details:

The event is YOURS. I am simply providing the venue (though a fabulous venue, it is!).

You supply the oils and other necessities (though I am open to discuss supplying the items for the Face & Body class, for an upcharge).

You may request that I be present – or absent! The choice is yours. If you would like me to join your event, it is not as a hostess (that’s you, chica!), but as a friendly ambassador, someone to lean on if necessary.

Decor: the venue is always beautifully in season…Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Fresh Spring, Vibrant Summer, and Autumn Harvest

Maximum guest count: 36

Menu: if you wish to serve your guests food, you may select from two menus

Invitations: when your event is approved and scheduled, I will send you beautiful invitations for you to address by hand and mail to your guests. (Yes! Actual printed invitations to show up in lucky people’s mailboxes!)

Cost: $20 per event



Outreach Tuesdays At Headquarters

There’s a concept called “collisionable moments.”' What does that mean? That by being in close proximity to powerful people, ideas collide and create opportunity.

So the second Tuesday of each month, I’m going to open Sweet Team Headquarters to 12 people who want to do customer outreach calls, and raise the roof with positive energy and teachable moments.

Imagine how great it would be if a customer asked an unexpected question and you could say, “I have an expert sitting right beside me. Let me check on this!”

As I mentioned, there is only room for 12, so please sign up early!

A casual family-style dinner will be served.

Outreach Tuesdays
5:00 pm to 8:30 pm

the second Tuesday of each month