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Melissa offers three paths to your best life. After you have made your selection and paid, you will receive an email with the next steps on your life-changing journey!


The next session of Basi6 commences July 22nd! Please register early to ensure inclusion.

BASI6 Summer 2019

Six weeks of 40-60 minute online sessions, beginning July 22 2019.

(Please note: tuition is non-refundable.)

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BASI6 with Real Results™ Coaching

Six weeks of 40-60 minute online sessions, beginning July 22 2019, AND three private coaching calls with Melissa Poepping, at the beginning, middle, and end of the course.

a note from Melissa

Why is Real Results Coaching the secret to real change? Because it creates a structure of accountability – not to me, but to yourself! I’m going to share – slightly reluctantly! – a personal story with you. I was so honored that Bob Proctor invited me to a four day leadership retreat with only 19 other students. (If you know me at all, you KNOW I flipped right out of my Christian Louboutin heels!) Before the sessions began, Bob asked each of us to prepare a presentation explaining what we wanted to achieve in the next chapter of our lives, and how we thought Bob and this retreat could help us to victory. I’m going to be totally honest with you…you know what my mind said when I forced myself to sit down and do this assignment? It said, “I don’t know.” “I don’t want to talk about my goals in front of people; and I don’t know how Bob can help.” Why did my mind go to a place of insecurity? Because I’m human. And so are you! Of course, I instantly realized that was the whole point of this exercise…to force the mind into clarity. I wasn’t going to get much out of this retreat if I wasn’t clear on my wants and needs. So I dug in and got transparent with myself. (And yes, the presentation and subsequent discussion with Bob put me up above the clouds!)

And this is why I’m offering Real Results Coaching as an option with BASI6. With the selection of this path, you and I will create crystal clear expectations at the beginning; measure your progress and make any needed adjustments in the middle; and celebrate victory at the finish line. Accountability to SELF is a beautiful thing. Let’s lock arms and show the world the best version of yourself in just six weeks.

(Please note: tuition is non-refundable.)

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Building Your CEO Life with Melissa Poepping

Haven’t you wished for – prayed for! – a silent partner, a guardian angel, a fairy godmother? I know I have! With the right mentor a phone call away, learning is exponentially magnified. Results rush in faster. And we’re gently steered around obstacles. (Isn’t it nice to not have to learn everything the hard way?!) In short, the journey is easier when shared with someone who has already walked the path.

I have been abundantly blessed to work one-on-one with global thought leaders like Bob Proctor. So I KNOW the life-changing importance of a mentor relationship.

If I can be of service in Building Your CEO Life, it would be my honor.

What does this relationship include?

A one-on-one EVER FORWARD™ call every two weeks for one year.
We’ll establish your foundation, envision your future, and confidently journey ever forward.

Inclusion in Basi6 sessions for one year

(Please note: this is non-refundable.)

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melissa and bob August 2018.JPG

Melissa with the legendary Bob Proctor, Toronto, 2018