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my friends, welcome to a world of

Beauty Without Compromise

All good. No gunk.

You won't find an ingredient list like this anywhere else in the beauty business: Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (guaranteed purity from seed to seal), Aspen Bark Extract, Mica, high-quality minerals, and other naturally derived ingredients. Ahh, elegant simplicity.

And just so we're clear, this is what I tossed out: parabens, talc, urea, and artificial dyes and colors. Yuck. I feel dirty just typing it (and not in a good way).

Ladies, I'll level with you. Though I'm incredibly proud to have created this toxin-free makeup collection ... I really didn't have a choice in the matter. Since I can remember, I've been glued to magazines, studying Vogue, copying Christie Brinkley, and envying Elle (both the magazine and the model!). My bathroom vanity was my happy place, overflowing with cosmetics. 

There was just one little problem ... growing into a monster problem: as a mother, as the keeper of a chemical-free home, as an ambassador of natural essential oils, I now knew too much! I now knew what lurked in my conventional lipsticks, shadows, and foundations. I was caught between two paradigms, two lifestyles. There was no where to turn, but to myself.

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So I took a deep breath, probably had the "big gulp" glass of rosé, and started creating a makeup line full of good, with none of the gunk. Savvy Minerals was born. Was it scary? Sure. I was now a Founder & CEO. Accounting, manufacturing, marketing, R&D ... my company demanded me to grow, and I did! (By the way, if you have the entrepreneurial itch, I've got one word for you GOFORIT. I know that's supposed to be three words, but I get really excited about entrepreneurship. Seriously, my friend, go for whatever is in your heart. The big guy upstairs does not give you dreams you will not be able to achieve.)

The happy ending: Young Living acquired Savvy Minerals, so millions of women can feel confident ... without compromise.