Summer School 2019

Your success is limited by the boundaries your excuses have constructed.

Deep breath. Let’s say that again. Your success is limited by boundaries of your own construction. We can’t blame this on others! So, how do we move beyond? Do we try to remove the boundaries brick by proverbial brick? No. In a single moment, we can shift the paradigm, and this shift dissolves boundaries to dust. Wow.

Then what happens? We watch the blossoming! This is your time, chica! A lush life is one paradigm away.

Six powerhouse Tuesday evenings: June 25 through August 6 (no class on July 16th)
6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm
The Sweet Team Headquarters in Spring Hill MN

Impression of Increase
Determination and EXPANSION of Worth
Unstoppable Confidence
Team Design (oh yes, you can design anything!)
Demanding Success
Maximizing Compensation
Goal Setting (and Goal Crushing!)

Supplies Needed
You know, the usual…pencils, pens, four highlighters (blue, pink, green, and yellow), three notebooks, a water bottle, and Peppermint Essential Oil (you’ll want to focus!)

Supplies Highly Suggested
Think and Grow Rich
Outwitting The Devil

You belong here.

Sweet Team Members only please!

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. This event cannot accommodate children. If special assistance is required, your request must be made four weeks prior to the event date.

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