Building Your CEO Life with Melissa Poepping

Building Your CEO Life with Melissa Poepping


Haven’t you wished for – prayed for! – a silent partner, a guardian angel, a fairy godmother? I know I have! With the right mentor a phone call away, learning is exponentially magnified. Results rush in faster. And we’re gently steered around obstacles. (Isn’t it nice to not have to learn everything the hard way?!) In short, the journey is easier when shared with someone who has already walked the path.

I have been abundantly blessed to work one-on-one with global thought leaders like Bob Proctor. So I KNOW the life-changing importance of a mentor relationship.

If I can be of service in Building Your CEO Life, it would be my honor.

What does this relationship include?

A one-on-one EVER FORWARD™ call every two weeks for one year.
We’ll establish your foundation, envision your future, and confidently journey ever forward.

Inclusion in Basi6 sessions for one year

(Please note: this is non-refundable.)

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