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are you ready for your dreams to come true?

Through books, events, entrepreneurship, classes, and coaching...

my fondest hope is you living your fairy tale life

And I promise we'll have so much fun on the journey! Should we dance it out? Have a pool party? Put the rosé on ice? Life is short. Start today. Laugh today. You can make your life whatever you want it to be. You can write and re-write the story anyway you want it.

You're going to need a telescope to look back at how far you've come ... IF you lock arms with me and give it your all.

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self-image is the holy grail

You will never out-perform the self-image you hold of yourself. The way you feel about yourself at this moment has set a boundary for the person you can become. You can't see that boundary but you can definitely feel it. It's a restriction you are imposing on your own life, a lmit for the best you can be. No matter how far you WANT to go, the way you actually see yourself sets an unbreakable boundary.

You know what's coming here ... we need to expand these boundaries – or obliterate them! 

find your why

Your why determines what you do, how you do it, and who you choose to accompany you on the journey. It will decide the books you read, the music and movies you enjoy. It will determine who is in your circle. Your why will decide everything. My advice to you: LET IT. Your dreams, your goals, your vision were given to you for a reason. What are you doing today to make them happen?

I believe at the core of each of us is the desire to accomplish great things, the dream to achieve more than we thought possible and the determination to leave this world better than the day we found it. I believe we have a responsibility to impact generations to come and an obligation to show others how to duplicate our foundation. I believe that this is how you leave a legacy.

Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance await you! And your why will get you there.

chemical-free living

As the author of The Chemical-Free Home Series and the creator of Savvy Minerals Makeup, I can talk about green living all day! I'll walk you through deciphering labels and ditching the dangerous stuff; and replacing products with chemical-free solutions. And I promise we'll have fun doing it!

core leadership training

We'll transform you into a person everyone is proud to follow. By focusing on nine key areas, I will have you speaking with confidence, leading with integrity, and infusing unstoppable spirit into your team.