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Before Beauty

by Melissa Poepping

I believe in fairy tales. I believe in each woman resides a Queen. And, ladies, I believe we each deserve to wear the crown of our kingdom ... every day. Not to impress others. But to honor our own best selves. (Can a bombshell lipstick and fabulous hair style change our lives? You bet!)

There was just one little ... ok, not so little ... problem. I also believe in a chemical-free lifestyle. And until recently, these two passions – beauty and clean living – were at odds with each other. (Don't get me started on the toxins we have blithely applied to our bodies for decades!)

As my knowledge of clean living increased, so did my frustration. Quite simply, I didn't want to give up the glamour! And why should I have to? Why should any woman have to choose between beauty and health?

So I set out to create my own solution. And Savvy Minerals was born. A toxin-free makeup collection. Pristine ingredients for pure beauty.

As I traveled the country, meeting women and demonstrating the makeup, a collective conversation emerged. An important conversation. Women wanted to talk about reclaiming their lives. They wanted to tap into a reserve of confidence. They wanted to know there was someone in their corner, cheering them on.

This book, BEFORE BEAUTY, invites you to join this life-changing conversation. As you read it, imagine it's just you and me sitting in your kitchen, feet propped up on the chairs, laughter filling the room, having one of those magical talks you remember years later.

It's just you and me. Together, we're going to create a clean canvas, removing toxic chemicals from your skin, and toxic beliefs from your soul. Get ready for some honesty! We're going to pitch aside life's "Plan Bs" (no safety net, ladies!); take a good look at ourselves; audit our circles; celebrate savvy confidence (is anything sexier?!); and OWN our lives, like the boss babes we are.

I believe in me. And I believe in YOU. Here we go!




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